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Ability to track performance (Total Return)% by excluding loans (Margin Trading)
The Problem: I'm the portfolio subscriber and I'm trading with margin, i.e. getting loans at my Binance account. It would be awesome to be able to exclude loans from performance reports. At the moment loans are included under Total Return calculations in percentage. As a trader, I'm interested to see my performance based on my initial capital and this was one of my expectations to baing able to track as a paid portfolio subscriber. Also, at the moment Deposits are in constant growth as loans are included in it, so the total return% is inaccurate for a person as a margin trader. However, from a tax perspective, I think there are no issues with this, this is mainly only reporting issues on how to represent returns for margin traders to see actual returns in % calculated accurately. Additional Problem: because of this, if I switch to Unrealised Performance, then the numbers are completely off and they are reporting very incorrect data and showing negative numbers where it should be positive. This is because Cost BAsis is constantly growing with Loans (margin trading). But in the meantime, my withdraws are deducted from the Cost BAsis, but not when I return loans. Potential Solution: It might be a global setting like, exclude loans from Return calculation or something, that the return % is accurate and based on my initial capital. Maybe there might be additional data for a portfolio subscriber to see additional data based on initial capital additionally to already reported insights. Maybe introduce new metrics which is Account Equity - Dept? Or in CoinTracker terms that would be "Your Portfolio excluding dept". And then return based metrics are calculated based on that?
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Incorporate net futures gains into tax reports
Currently, users see net futures gains calculated and displayed in the tax center, but this is not included on tax forms. This post tracks the request to incorporate net futures gains into tax reports. For the time being, we highly recommend checking with a tax professional on how you can include Net Futures Gains when filing. As a workaround, some of our users have manually added a line item on the Capital Gains CSV or form 8949 called 'Net Crypto Futures' and added the total profit/loss in one line item. In addition to this, it can be added to the Schedule D manually. A tax professional should be able to tell you if this is the right approach for you. 8949 Capital Gains CSV Tax Integration files Per the Margin Trading Tax Guide , margin trades should be incorporated into 8949 and schedule D. Description of property = underlying asset (e.g. BTC, ETH, etc.) Date acquired = date position opened Date sold = date position closed Proceeds = PnL Cost or other basis = $0.00 Gain = PnL Note: it's fine if the PnL is negative We should still show the net gain/loss amount separately on Net Futures Gain line on the tax page, but can combine it for the net total on the dashboard. "Margin" tagged transactions should basically be in their own cost basis queue and excluded from capital gains calculation (using the same logic as we have for Kraken/BitMEX). We may include disclaimer text: Margin trading incorporated into 8949 and schedule D per margin trading tax guide. This does not support traders making 475(f) elections, Section 1256 contracts, and other advanced tax elections. Consult a tax advisor to see how this may apply to your specific tax situation.
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