• 8949
  • Capital Gains CSV
  • Tax Integration files
Per the Margin Trading Tax Guide, margin trades should be incorporated into 8949 and schedule D.
Description of property = underlying asset (e.g. BTC, ETH, etc.)
Date acquired = date position opened
Date sold = date position closed
Proceeds = PnL
Cost or other basis = $0.00
Gain = PnL
Note: it's fine if the PnL is negative
We should still show the net gain/loss amount separately on Net Futures Gain line on the tax page, but can combine it for the net total on the dashboard. "Margin" tagged transactions should basically be in their own cost basis queue and excluded from capital gains calculation (can use the same logic as we have for Kraken/BitMEX)/
Also should add a disclaimer somewhere: margin trading incorporated into 8949 and schedule D per margin trading tax guide. This does not support traders making 475(f) elections, Section 1256 contracts, and other advanced tax elections. Consult a tax advisor to see how this may apply to your specific tax situation.