Updated August 2023
As a user who trades and manages my token portfolio on Kraken I expect CoinTracker to import all of my transaction history. I am noticing that there are several transactions missing upon initial import and during subsequent syncs that leave my balances incorrect and valuations inaccurate. It is not well understood what types of transactions or what features from Kraken, CoinTracker supports.
Here is a list of transaction types posts that may be affecting the types of transactions that may be missing from your CoinTracker transaction history:
  • Credit card purchase
  • transfers to/from Kraken Futures
  • OTC transactions
  • airdrops
  • forks
  • fiat-to-fiat trades
Please review the listed transaction types posts and add an upvote should you be experiencing missing transactions within your Kraken exchange for the specified transaction type. If you are missing a transaction and it is not listed above or does not have an individual report please submit a new post here outlining the transaction type that is missing within CoinTracker from your Kraken exchange.
Once you have added an upvote to the posts above, you can begin to reconcile your transaction history. Currently, users will need to manually add or edit any incorrect or missing transactions. Alternatively, if you are a user that is missing a lot of transactions we recommend that you transition your Kraken exchange to a CSV import instead of the our API integration. Users can format their Kraken transaction history CSV per this guide and import the CSV into CoinTracker as next step while we improve this integration.
Thank you all for your patience! We look forward to improving our product and your experience with CoinTracker.
Update - we now support:
  • ✅ instant buy/sell: we are now syncing instant buy/sell (
    in the ledger) transactions from Kraken. All future debit / credit card purchases should sync to CoinTracker. (Sept 2023)
We recommend users stay vigilant when importing their Kraken exchange into CoinTracker. We recommend reviewing your transactions regularly for accuracy, users can manually create transactions should they be missing from your wallet. We understand this is not ideal, we appreciate your patience as we improve!