CoinTracker is testing a feature that acts as a full re-sync that respects manual edits by users.
When CoinTracker rolls out updates to our integrations, the updates are automatically applied to all future transactions for all users. This does not resolve bugs or behavior affecting retroactive transactions by default, in an effort to minimize affecting the manual work done by users to resolve their transactions, CoinTracker only retroactively applies these updates to users with integrations with no manual edits.
Users can either apply manual edits to address the transaction issues OR remove their wallet/exchange and re-sync them - this will apply the updates to the integrations for all transactions.
When a user runs the full re-sync feature, CoinTracker updates all non-edited, retroactive transactions and applies any fixes made to the specified integration.
In this case, after running the full re-sync, an unedited NFT transaction was not retroactively fixed when it should have been.
We escalated a detailed report of the issue you're seeing to our Engineering team, they should have everything they need to start investigating when they're ready. We don't have a timeline from them on when they might resolve it, we will update this post once a fix is deployed.
Removing and re-adding an affected wallet will apply retroactive integration fixes. Caution: All manual edits will be lost. Alternatively, users can manual edit transactions.