Users may experience:
  • CoinTracker is not correctly recording the amount that is not spent in a "send" transaction on UTXO blockchains such as Bitcoin and Cardano. Instead of showing the returned amount as a transfer, it is recorded as a receive and the crypto receives a new cost basis as if it were just purchased.
Expected behavior:
  • The expected CoinTracker behavior would be to create a send transaction for the spent amount (triggering a taxable event) and a transfer transaction for the unspent amount that was returned, retaining its original cost basis and age for gains calculations.
As a user, what should I do?
If you wish to make manual modifications to correct this, you'll enter two transactions and add the correct tags for send and transfer:
  • A send transaction for the original amount.
  • A transfer transaction for the unspent amount that is received back to your wallet address.
Alternatively, users can add xPub/yPub/zPub or Stake Keys instead of individual addresses to mitigate the behavior.
How can users provide feedback?
You can 馃敿 upvote this forum post to indicate you are experiencing this behavior. The post status will be changed to
once a fix is rolled out to all users. Up-voters will be notified of the status change.
I need additional assistance, who can I contact?
For further assistance, please contact our
support team directly
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to enhance your CoinTracker experience!
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