The current behavior is that manual transactions on auto synced wallets/exchanges aren't reflected on Portfolio pages.
Users who add manual transactions will find that these transactions are not taken into account in several areas:
• Portfolio totals are not correct.
• The total for the asset on the dashboard is not correct.
• If all transactions for the asset are created manually, it will not be listed under "Your Assets" on the dashboard.
• Manual transactions do not affect the balance for the wallet.
• If all transactions for the asset are manual, the asset will not show when selecting the wallet under Wallets> Wallets.
•Custom currencies and manual changes to map a transaction to the correct coin do not correct the dashboard.
•Further confusion is caused by the fact that manual transactions do affect the number that is displayed for the number of transactions in a specific wallet.
This happens because when the wallet/exchange is synced, CoinTracker pulls the balances directly from the wallet via the API only, ignoring manual transactions.
We understand that users may expect manually added transactions to affect their account the same way that the synced transactions do. Please note that this applies to manual transactions only. Wallets/transactions imported via CSV will show correctly on wallets, portfolios, and the dashboard.
This issue only affects only the figures seen on the portfolio and dashboard pages and when looking at the balance on individual synced wallets. Tax calculations will still be correct.
If you would like to work around these issues with manual transactions, you could remove the synced wallet and import all transactions for that wallet via our generic CSV import:
Created by Matt - CoinTracker
December 8, 2021