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Support illiquid staking in self-custody wallets
Users Feature Request: CoinTracker now supports illiquid staking via the our new stake tag , previously, the primary issue was cost basis tracking. When a user deposited their asset into a contract initiating illiquid staking activity, the transaction would appear as a send, this is expected behavior. The issue users ran into would be the send txn would be treated as a disposal and track it as a taxable event. Additionally, when a user un-staked, they would receive that asset and assume a cost basis for the date they un-staked it. Our new tags allow for users to ensure the cost basis is retained and no taxable events are applied to the deposit and withdrawal of staked assets. Users now request that while we are retaining cost basis, they would like to track the staked asset in CoinTracker. As an example, if a user staked 32 ETH via a node validator - in CoinTracker it will appears a Send and the users portfolio balance and value decreases by 32 ETH which is not ideal as the user still owns the 32 ETH. Users want to track their illiquid staked assets. As a user, what can I do? Crypto sent for staking. When the crypto is sent for staking, it's still yours but it goes to a wallet or contract you don't own that isn't tracked in CoinTracker. If synced automatically, this will show as a "send" transaction. In this case, you are not getting a token to represent your stake, so you can click "Change type to transfer" to ensure that there is no gain/loss calculated. Note: It's OK to let the wallet receiving the stake default to "other transactions" How do I address rewards and unstaking? There are a couple of ways this could go, but in both cases you'll have separate transactions for the staked crypto coming back, and receiving the staking reward. In this case you are receiving staking rewards on separate transaction or transactions. Reward transaction(s) should just be marked with the "staked" tag using the bulk tag feature in which you can filter by 'received' transactions, select multiple options and bulk tag as "staked" at the bottom of the page. When the staked crypto comes back to the you (you unstake) on a "receive" transaction by itself, it should be marked as a transfer. Let the sending wallet default to "other transactions". You can upvote this feedback post to indicate you would like this feature added! The post status will be changed to Complete should we pursue this feature. Up-voters will be notified of the status change. I need additional assistance, who can I contact? For further assistance, please contact our support team directly. Thank you for your feedback and cooperation as we work to enhance your CoinTracker experience! Keyword: illiquid staking, staking, stake, staking rewards, unstake


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