Updated September 2023
You can now select the correct BabyDoge token when editing and creating transactions and they will persist on the transaction. We will close this post shortly.
Coin mapping error: BABY DOGE ETH and Baby Doge Coin share the ticker BABYDOGE. CoinTracker shows BABY DOGE ETH despite users holding Baby Doge Coin.
Editing the transaction manually to Baby Doge Coin doesn't recognize the change and the transaction stays as BABYDOGE ETH.
Basically, CoinTracker is currently not supporting Baby Doge Coin despite it being listed as an option. This is resulting in very inflated portfolios and wallet balances. For the tax center and tax documents, this means an incorrect capital gain.
Workaround: If you are looking for a temporary workaround, you may create a custom currency for Baby Doge Coin (https://help.cointracker.io/en/articles/5942123-how-do-i-add-a-custom-currency). Please note that CoinTracker will not be able to provide live pricing data for custom currencies so they will not be shown on the Dashboard page and the Performance chart.