As a user, when I filter transactions by my wallet or currencies I expect transactions to be populated if there are transactions in my wallet. Users report an empty transactions page when filtering by their wallet (Image 1).
Upon further investigation, CoinTracker appears to be displaying 'No transactions found' results for transactions that have no value, mean there are no incoming, outgoing or fee values but CoinTracker is still recognizing a transaction, historically these types of transactions appeared like this (Image 2). We now appear to not be importing these transactions but our filtering is behaving as if they are still there. If a user scrolls to the bottom of the transaction page, they can hit
to move to older transaction pages until they get to actual transactions (Image 3).
This behavior is an ingestion issue, we are no longer importing 0 amount/fee transactions but our filtering feature is still accounting for those transactions in the results.
We recommend users utilize the transaction page>pages navigation to access their transactions should they run into this behavior (Image 4).
We have escalated this behavior to our engineering team and will update this post once a fix is deployed.