Users may experience:
  • Kraken ETH/ETH2 staking transactions are showing as a send and receive transaction and not pairing as a trade as would be expected.
Expected behavior:
  • Transactions should correctly pair trade transaction.
  • Ideally these transactions should show as a stake and unstake when ETH is traded for ETH2 or vice versa.
As a user, what should I do?
To correct this, you can create a manual transaction to accurately represent the trade and then categorize it as either a stake or unstake. For guidance on how to manually add a transaction, please refer to this
guide on manually adding a transaction
. To change the category of a transaction, please visit this
guide on changing a transaction category
How can users provide feedback?
You can upvote this forum post to indicate you are experiencing this behavior. The post status will be changed to
once a fix is rolled out to all users. Up-voters will be notified of the status change.
I need additional assistance, who can I contact?
For further assistance, please contact our
support team directly
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to enhance your CoinTracker experience!
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