As a user, I use Kraken or other exchanges to manage my crypto portfolio. There are occasions in which an exchange, in this case Kraken initiates a correction to my account.
Cointracker does not account for negative staking rewards when interfacing with Kraken's API. Corrections are not supported. CoinTracker imports these negative values / corrections as normal staking rewards, to a user that will appear as another staking reward entry when, in fact, it should be a correction.
Given that Kraken may sometimes introduce corrections via negative entries, it's essential for Cointracker to handle these appropriately.
We recommend users promptly review their synced Kraken transactions when a correction is made on their Kraken or exchange account to ensure it is accurate based on the time stamp. Users correct the transaction by editing it to represent a 'Sent' transaction with no fee to represent to disposal or removal. Users can then set proceeds to equal the the cost basis of the disposed token as to not incur a gain or loss.
Disclaimer: Note that none of the above is or should be construed as legal, tax, audit, accounting, or brokerage advice and that any and all information is provided for informational purposes only.
We have escalated this behavior to our engineering team, we will update this post once a fix is deployed.