The "Change" button is missing or disabled for the email setting. This means users cannot change their own email address.
This is intentional, because of recent upgrades to our authorization system. The email change feature will not be restored as a user-facing option.
In the very near future our support team will be able to make these changes on behalf of users. Unfortunately it is not currently possible for Support to make email changes without placing the account into a state where the user will not be able sign in using the new or old email address. Until we can resolve the account lock-out issue we will not be able to assist with email changes.
If you need to change the email on your account, please vote for this issue. This will subscribe you to updates. When we are able to assist we will send out a notification with information on how to proceed so we can make this change on your behalf.
Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue for you 🙏