As a user, when I purchase an NFT I expect CoinTracker to understand that the token is non-fungible and reflected as a balance of 1. So if I buy a single NFT it will be relfected in CoinTracker as +/- 1 BAYC.
Users report some NFT transactions are being flagged as having an insufficient quantity which is affecting the cost basis and subsequent gains calculations. For example, (Image 1) a user would see 1 NFT purchase with the correct cost basis logged. The user would then sell the 1 NFT (Image 2) which should accurately track the cost basis, instead CoinTracker is flagging the disposal of the 1 NFT as an insufficient quantity. When selecting the error, the balance states that the user is missing .0252~ BAYC which should not be the case. This is causing miscalculations and cost basis tracking issues.
As a workaround, users can create a custom currency to represent the NFT, edit the transactions for the NFT affected and replace the NFT with the custom currency. This will ensure cost basis tracking and gains calculations are accurate.
We have escalated this behavior to our engineering team and will update this post once a fix is deployed.