Users may experience:
  • For new wallets added, successful import of an AVAX public address into CoinTracker but 0 transactions are imported.
  • For existing wallets, previously imported transactions are not affected but new transactions are not being imported into CoinTracker causing balance discrepancies.
  • Balance difference notifications for wallet balances should new transactions not be imported, once this is fixed missing txns will be imported automatically.
Expected behavior:
  • Wallets should import entire transaction history up to the date of import.
  • Syncs after initial import should add new transactions up to the date of a new sync.
As a user, what should I do?
  • If you are in a rush, users can manually add the missing transactions. If you are aware of which asset is affected, copy your public address and paste it into the AVAX block explorer ( and review your wallet balances for the flagged asset. Review the txn tab and compare it to what is in CoinTracker, add any missing transactions.
  • Alternatively, you can hang tight! Our team is working diligently to resolve this behavior - once fixed missing transactions will be imported automatically.
How can users provide feedback?
You can upvote this forum post to indicate you are experiencing this behavior. The post status will be changed to
once a fix is rolled out to all users. Up-voters will be notified of the status change.
I need additional assistance, who can I contact?
For further assistance, please contact our support team directly.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to enhance your CoinTracker experience!
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