Updated September 2023
As a user, I would like to import my transaction history CSV to my already-synced Kucoin exchange. CoinTracker appears to display the option to import my CSV on top of my synced account. CoinTracker allows users to import a CSV into supported accounts. This is a helpful for users experiencing issue with missing transactions from the sync, this allows users to upload missing transactions in bulk.
Currently, CoinTracker is displaying the option to import transactions into Kucoin but it fails. Per this feature request: Add the ability to import CSVs into an existing wallets and exchanges.
There is no workaround for this feature at this time, users can import CSVs as separate wallets and edit the transactions to match the Kucoin exchange but understand this is a tedious process. We apologize for the inconvenience, we will update this post once a fix is deployed.
Created by CT-dQBevvWq
May 19, 2022