Users may experience:
  • When adding a wallet or exchange, users may see the message 'Wallet being synced' on the wallets page indefinitely
  • Users may also see a 'Failed to sync wallet' error
  • Periodically, users may also see a 0 balance for the exchange, and no sync in progress.
  • Users will not see the transactions from this exchange or wallet on their transactions page or included in their Portfolio calculations
Expected behavior:
  • It is expected that wallets and exchanges will sync to CoinTracker.
As a user, what should I do?
Users can reach out to support for assistance.
As a workaround, users can also choose to manually upload their transaction history using CSV.
How can users provide feedback?
You can upvote this forum post to indicate you are experiencing this behavior. The post status will be changed to
once a fix is rolled out to all users. Up-voters will be notified of the status change.
I need additional assistance, who can I contact?
For further assistance, please contact our support team directly.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to enhance your CoinTracker experience!
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