For what it’s worth many other platforms are playing catch up to enable exchange of data from CAT. I have made the transition from Coinbase Pro to CAT with no issues using apps and programs that have made the required API connection updates. Many continue to drag their feet and are quite frankly behind the power curve; which has prompted me to drop those services in favor of those on top of this change. Specific API connection documentation is required from Coinbase and has been provided to other platforms I use as Coinbase continues to make the updates. If Cointracker does not have that documentation I would reach out to Coinbase to request it. The API requirements are in fact different and these aggregation softwares need to be updated for those changes. It all works assuming these programs make updates in accordance with Coinbase’s API documentation. Request from Coinbase as follows:
Cointracker Advanced API Update
With the upcoming migration of the Coinbase Pro services, our automations will no longer function because we do not have the updated API documentation for Coinbase Advanced Trade. We would appreciate it if you could advise on how to proceed with the upcoming service changes to avoid any issues with customer account connections. Therefore, we kindly ask you to reach out and provide the necessary documentation on the new API, so our clients can retain automated connection to the Coinbase Advanced Trade platform.