If a user mints, buys or sells an ERC-1155 NFT, the transaction in CoinTracker will simply appear as if ETH was sent or received. No NFT appears as sent or received in trade for that ETH. The other side of the transaction is simply empty.
Etherscan does not yet provide ERC-115 token data in their API endpoints.
Until we can add support for ERC-115 tokens, adding each NFT as a custom currency and then selecting it manually on the transaction may be a viable workaround.
See this guide for instructions on adding a custom currency: 📚 How do I add a custom currency
This article shows how to edit the transaction to correctly reflect the exchange of ETH and NFT: 📚 How to manually add a trade
Note that if you choose to use this workaround when we add support for ERC-1155 tokens, any existing manual edits may make your account inaccurate. Manual edits would need to be undone. One way to resolve this would be to delete the wallet, then re-add it, allowing the transactions to come back in with the correct tokens.