Hide transactions for 0 ETH (e.g. smart contract / approval transactions that use no fees / no transfer of funds). These are just smart contract executions. The small ETH fee should be added to the transaction itself.
Alternately, since some users find it useful to see the activity as it occurred, we may consider leaving some or all of these transactions visible but instead of displaying 0 ETH use the transaction to represent the fee paid.
In the meantime, if you want CoinTracker to see the disposal of ETH for the fee, you could edit the transaction and put the fee into the "Total Amount" field under "Paid/Sent"Withdrawn" column as illustrated in the screenshot. The system will then calculate the cost basis and the gain/loss for the crypto that was used to pay that fee.
Once we make a change to the handling of these transactions in CoinTracker, the manual edits will no longer be necessary and will need to be removed in order for calculations to be accurate.
Please consult a qualified tax professional for tax advice.