On connecting Coinbase via API sync (using the Continue with Coinbase option) users see a message under their wallet that their account was Never Updated.
In some cases, users also have reported receiving an email stating "Your Coinbase account failed to import"
This error is notable on the welcome page for users that have no other wallets synced to CoinTracker showing "Data import in progress" and on the wallets page for users with multiple wallets/exchanges reflecting the Never updated message seen in the attached screenshot.
Users have reported error messages stating:
🔺 Never Updated
🔺 Account failed to import
🔺 Data import in progress
🔺 "This Coinbase account has already been linked" when attempting to reauthenticate.
Currently, there is not a user-facing workaround - the issue is being actively investigated. If the re-authentication is not working, we are not asking users to remove and re-add Coinbase accounts to resolve the issue, as this would mean loss of manually edited transactions.
You can monitor the status of this issue on our status page.