Users are reporting that XRP holdings intermittently disappear from the dashboard and portfolio totals. The token may not appear in their assets at all, or may show a low/incorrect balance. This seems to affect balances held in hardware wallets.
The same users report that their wallet balances for XRP go to zero, even though transactions are present. The balance may or may not appear correctly on the wallet after resyncing, and when balance is shown on the wallet once again it may or may not appear on the dashboard/portfolio.
The problem may resolve itself without any action by the user, but may also occur again later. Users can also try resyncing or removing and re-adding the wallet to make the balances appear correctly.
This issue is caused by the instability of the Ripple Data API V2 which is deprecated and no longer supported. Our engineering team is looking at alternatives, as well as changes to the sync that might provide more stability in the meantime.